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Also known as faceplates, instrument panels or control panels. Most are usually manufactured in metal such as aluminum, stainless steel or photographic aluminum known as Metalphoto®, or other hard materials. Panels allow for cut-outs or holes for functions such as knobs, toggle switches and buttons. While, in some cases, customers provide pre-fabricated parts, Accurate Dial is capable of supplying metal and acrylics of various thicknesses and fabricating the parts in-plant to meet your specifications using our state-of-the art machinery and skilled craftsmen. Painting, screen printing or deep etch & fill are processes often used on panels.

We would be pleased to discuss the merits of the different types of materials and processes available. (For flexible materials, see OVERLAYS.)

Also referred to as instrument panels, faceplates and membrane switch overlays, keyboard overlays or embossed keypad overlays. Overlays are made of synthetic (plastic) materials which are often reversed printed to reduce wear, increase longevity and provide for easy maintenance. They allow for function cut-out such as knobs, toggle switches and buttons, as well as LED or translucent, opaque or colored function light windows.

Synthetic materials, such as LEXAN®, are the choice of product designers seeking the most attractive and durable method of illustrating intricate customer logo designs with multiple colors.

Accurate Dial is an expert in creating multi-colored artwork and screen printing to tight tolerances to achieve a detailed professional image for all of your build-to-print projects. Our craftsmen are experts at color matching to your preferred colors per FED-STD-595 Color Matching Specification or Pantone Color Matching System.  (For non-flexible materials such as acrylic or metal, see PANELS.)